Everything You Need To Know About Rose Hips Health Benefits

If you are one of the many people who use herbal treatments as opposed to pharmaceutical drugs, you will know just how beneficial they really are. Herbs have been used since ancient times to cure, treat and prevent numerous ailments, and they are still very popular today.

Rose Hips health benefits have been known since the 17th century when native Chileans used extracts from a wild rose plant that grows throughout Chile. The benefits were confirmed when studies started to take place during the 1980’s.

The extract is commonly found in the form of oil where it is used to treat skin conditions and prevent premature aging. One of the most common of the rose hips health benefits is its ability to regenerate new skin and remove body scarring.

The Health Benefits

Although the main benefits are confined to skin health; because of the vast amount of nutrients that the extract contains, there are many other benefits too. These include the following:

  • Osteoporosis – Rose hips health benefits may include their ability to help treat osteoporosis. The reason for this is that it contains anti-inflammatory components such as essential fatty acids. These acids are also important for joint health and strength.
  • Diabetes – Supplements containing rose hips were shown to help prevent diabetes from occurring in animals. Studies were conducted on patients who were fed a high fat diet, along with those who were fed a normal diet. The prevention of diabetes was apparent in both groups. Another of the rose hips health benefits that was discovered during this study was that it lowered body fat and mass in those who were fed the high fat diet.
  • Cardiovascular Benefits – Essential fatty acids are paramount for a healthy heart and are rare today in the common diet. Rose hips also have anti-inflammatory properties which help to reduce inflammation throughout the body. Although not many people know it, inflammation is a leading cause of heart disease.
  • Skin conditioning – When the extract is turned into oil it can be applied to the skin topically and has numerous benefits. It is often used to treat and prevent wrinkles, and due to its antioxidant qualities, is able to prevent premature aging. Another of its main uses is to reduce the appearance of acne scars and scars that are formed following surgical procedures. Because of the rose hips health benefits to the skin, many skin care products now use this herb as an ingredient.

 Things To Consider

You do not need to consult with a doctor when using rose hips for skin conditioning; however, if you are considering using it for the treatment of a medical condition, you will need to discuss this with your health practitioner first.

Make sure that you follow the guidelines on any product that you purchase and only buy from a company that is well-established and has a good reputation for producing high quality natural products.

There have been no reports of any serious side effects from the use of rose hips.

Similarly, there’s been no reports of side effects for folks (mainly women) who
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